Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Favorite Uncle Duke Photo

Here is a really nice photo from "Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla."

So many people have told me that the absolute highlight for them is not Sammy Petrillo's clowning around, but the times Uncle Duke gets to sing. I think it's true. How often can anyone watch a Jerry Lewis imitator, but a good singer and a good song is a joy forever.

You probably know that "Deed I Do," featured in the film, was written by Walter Hirsch and Fred Rose, a great, neglected combination. They are a combination that should be up there with the greats. I think, when all is said and done, all you can say is that they are a great combination, and it's a shame they aren't as well known as Mitchell and Petrillo.

I am searching for relatives of either man. I think this an important reason why we should not have abortion in this country. If there are abortions, there are no children, hence no relatives that will keep memorabilia or be able to talk about the achievements of family members.

Nick Therry was the composer of "Too Soon," and several fans of Sammy Petrillo vow to add relatives of Mr. Therry to their list of people to track down and demand answers from. I am told that Leo B. Gorcey Jr. is willing to publish a possible book on Mitchell and Petrillo if and when all surviving members of the "Gorilla" cast, or their relatives, have been captured on audio or video tape.

Here's a tantalizing fact. Although they had tunes in the same movie, Nick Therry and the team of Hirsch and Rose never met.

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